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Captivating, elegant, and luxurious, jewelry by Sancha lends an air of enchanting allure and romantic possibility wherever it is worn. The muse behind Sancha Jewelry is Vancouver artist, Sancha Tatlock. She creates every piece by hand and nothing leaves her studio until it meets her highest standard of excellence. In the tradition of the finest fashion houses, it is this intimate attention to detail and hands-on craftsmanship that makes Sancha the current maestro of unique glam.

Sancha’s background in film has trained her eye to see everything through an imaginary camera lens. “This photographic vision allows me to create jewelry that captures the essence of a moment. I see wind-swept moors or a beckoning lagoon in my mind’s eye and then i make a collection that captures the essence.” Aptly, her collections are named for the evocative inspirations that influence each design: Lovelight, Storm, Lumière, Alchemy.

Sancha’s pieces range from delicately refined to boldly striking but always with a nod to the unpredictable harmony of the natural world. Her sophisticated designs feature raw gemstones, Swarovski crystals, antique relics and roughly cut precious jewels in a whimsical, organic fusion.

Raw gemstones with rugged edges are contrasted with faceted jewels or an intricately turned silver clasp, highlighting the innate understanding of natural beauty paired with elegant refinement that provides the cornerstone of Sancha’s design concept.

With the understanding that gemstones carry the energy of the hands that touch them, Sancha infuses each piece with her own particular magic and ensures that all of her materials are ethically sourced and responsibly collected. Sancha gives a portion of her proceeds to environmental charities.

With a cult following among fashion stylists and boutique owners, Sancha’s jewelry is suddenly in high demand. One of her exclusive chandelier pendants, the Lumière, recently made an appearance at the 2010 Juno Awards, worn by Camille, of the singing duo Carmen & Camille.

Because of the rarity of the antique findings required for these bespoke pieces, the Lumière and Lovelight pendants are often back-ordered for several months until vintage crystals can be secured for their construction. The current collection, Turquesa, has been well-received and is available at curated galleries and boutiques. Prices range from $200-$750. Line sheets and custom orders are available upon request.

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