Sancha Tatlock

Raised in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada by artistically-minded and countercultural parents, Sancha and her siblings were free to roam the woods around their rustic home. This intimacy with nature influenced Sancha’s love of wild beauty while her mother’s inclination for high fashion exposed her to an endless library of French couture and editorial glamour. The result is Sancha’s exquisite eye for luxurious design and an innate sense of proportion and harmony.

Sancha holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Simon Fraser University and has a background in film. After working in film and event production, Sancha’s flair for design and love for fashion inspired her to experiment with jewelry making.¬†Frustrated at the concept of jewelry as a trend-driven, throw-away item – often cheaply made – she decided to make jewelry that was trend-compatible but would last for a lifetime. Heirloom jewelry comprised a good part of her personal collection and she wanted to make styles that would stand the test of time. Gifts of handmade jewelry for family and friends soon turned into paid commissions as people started asking, “Where did you find that?”

Since taking the leap into jewelry design, Sancha has devoted herself to perfecting her artistry, “Some of my best designs come into my mind in the quiet of the night, I have these epiphanies and suddenly can envision my projects so clearly.” Each piece of Sancha’s jewelry is made by hand in her Vancouver Studio. Nothing is released unless it meets her highest standards of excellence – she has been known to spend all night re-polishing a custom order piece before delivering it to her customer the next day.

Studies in cultural anthropology and a personal interest in environmental issues have given Sancha a unique perspective on global design and an elevated sense of social responsibility. These passions translate into unique and sophisticated jewelry with a sustainable and ecological conscience; Sancha gives a portion of her proceeds to environmental funds focused on protecting our natural resources.